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Requiem for a History major

By Rob Engen

It would seem that every time the university decides to play musical chairs with its budget, it’s the department of History that gets left standing in the cold. While the Psychologists get shiny new driving simulators, the Lawyers get those plush recliner chairs and free cigars after classes, and the Kinesiologists get dates, crestfallen fledgling… Continue reading Requiem for a History major

Fatwa, Shmatwa…

By Rob Engen

Death-marks just don’t come with the same style that they used to.Back in the day, having a fatwa brought down on your head was really something special. It meant that your heretical ass had done something to infuriate a man with serious power–there’s a peculiar respectability in having the Ayatollah of Iran put out the… Continue reading Fatwa, Shmatwa…

Television worth watching

By Rob Engen

Despite the grumbling of the entire world, United States President George W. Bush is preparing to usher in a new era of terrorist-free peace and prosperity by waging an aggressive war against Saddam Hussein. While others cry foul, however, I say, “Bully!” Good on ya George Junior! The globe can certainly benefit from one less… Continue reading Television worth watching

Pulling drivers onto the right track

By Josh Teitz

Nissan has recently announced its intention to introduce self-driving cars to the market by 2020. The Japanese automaker claims that its self-driving vehicles will accelerate, stop, steer and park autonomously. Though this technology is still under development, Nissan has confirmed that self-driving vehicles will rely heavily upon sensors to navigate. Aside from detecting signs, traffic… Continue reading Pulling drivers onto the right track

It’s the end of the world as we know it

By Kim Nursall

On January 19, a historic change occurred in the United States senate when the special election held to fill the late Edward M. Kennedy’s seat was won by Republican Scott Brown. Kennedy had held the seat for 46 years and, even with his passing, the idea of the Democrats losing it was unimaginable. However, as… Continue reading It’s the end of the world as we know it

The right to die in peace

By Greg Ellis

As the heavily fortified walls of the U.S. Republican theocracy are attacked by those overseeing Terry Schiavo, it is very difficult to examine such a volatile moral issue. When only 36 per cent of Americans have living wills and over 15,000 are currently in persistent vegetative states it is surprising that cases such as Schiavo’s… Continue reading The right to die in peace

Tetris timeline

By Вen Li

June 1985 – Alexy Pajitov programs the first Tetris at the Moscow Academey of Science on an mainframe. Vadim Gerasimov makes a PC version. July 1986 – Robert Stein, President of British software company Andromeda, spots Apple II and Commodore-64 versions of Tetris in Budapest. Without securing rights to the game, he sells all rights… Continue reading Tetris timeline