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Shakespearean gossip queens

By Joanna Farley

Ahh, Shakespeare. Love, romance, humour and characters who never get tongue-tied. Ever wished that could be your life? Maybe you need lessons from Benedick and Beatrice. As characters in William Shakespeare’s last comedy, Much Ado About Nothing, they’re sworn enemies, without a single civil word between them. Theatre Junction’s version of Much Ado About Nothing,… Continue reading Shakespearean gossip queens

Re: " Legislating the death of freedom ," Nov. 29, 2001,

Editor, the Gauntlet, I would like to express several concerns regarding comments Joanna Farley made throughout her article. Farley believes the entire legislation should have a sunset clause, a thought shared by many. Although a sunset clause would be effective to repeal the legislation, Parliament could do it at any time without a sunset clause.… Continue reading Re: " Legislating the death of freedom ," Nov. 29, 2001,