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Poster hilarity ensues

By Falice Chin

Woohoo! SU election time is approaching again! Students will be bombarded with posters left, right and centre until Feb. 15. Then the posters will stay for another week or so before being torn down altogether. Oh wait, one candidate has already been spotted tearing down posters of his opponents. The great poster war has begun.Poster… Continue reading Poster hilarity ensues

Capturng the Courage

By Veronika Janik

They are the unsung heroes we rarely think about. They are the men and women who take time to serve and protect their communities. Of the 12,000 firefighters in Alberta, 9,000 are volunteers whose reward for risking their lives is the gratification of knowing they have selflessly assisted friends and neighbors. Their commitment lies in… Continue reading Capturng the Courage

Various Artists

By Ben Hoffman

Listening to this Bad Boy compilation album it’s depressing to realize how little mainstream rap has progressed from the days when Sean Combs was only a skinny punk in the shadow of hip hop monolith Notorious BIG. MCs still half-heartedly list their material possessions and their varying levels of bling, carelessly tossing them on top… Continue reading Various Artists


By CH Smith

“Interesting,” I thought when I saw this disc on the editor’s desk. “An album by Steve Buscemi.” Upon closer inspection I realized I was mistaken–mistaken, but definitely not disappointed. Buscemi, the pseudonym for Belgian producer/musician Dirk Swartenborekx (no wonder he decided on a stage name), was chosen out of Swartenborekx’s deep respect for the actor… Continue reading Buscemi

Out for the count

By Kris Kotarski

I remember running into him at the Calgary Stampede. I must have been 12 or 13, and I couldn’t believe my luck. Here, right in front of me, stood a mountain of a man: the improbable Davey Boy Smith.Smith was wrestling as the "British Bulldog" back then, earning his money in Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling… Continue reading Out for the count

If you’re not coming out Saturday, we’ve got two words for you… it’s cancelled

By Josh Truba

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who love wrestling and admit it, and those who love wrestling but refuse to admit it.For some reason, we all hold wrestling dear. It’s a common denominator among the human race. It was a part of our childhood and it remains a constant today. It’s… Continue reading If you’re not coming out Saturday, we’ve got two words for you… it’s cancelled