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Everything you wanted to know about Sexsmith, but were afraid to ask

By Kevin Rothbauer

One day after returning from a press tour of Europe and two days before beginning a concert tour of Canada, Ron Sexsmith is trying to enjoy his brief time at home. Unfortunately, he’s also doing a full day of interviews with media from across his home country.“Europe was just really full-on and I had really… Continue reading Everything you wanted to know about Sexsmith, but were afraid to ask

The Whereabouts of Ron Sexsmith

By David Kenney

Usually Ron Sexsmith is a lyrically introverted, bashful guy. An offer to co-write with Elvis Costello scared him. Content alone, the humble singer/songwriter writes his simple songs of insecurity, longing and delicate moments for himself, on his own time. That is, until recently. Watching Canadian jazz chanteuse Diana Krall on TV inspired Sexsmith to do… Continue reading The Whereabouts of Ron Sexsmith

Edmonton wins Calgary wins less

By Steve Smith

Editor, the Gauntlet,Re: “Not quite censorship,” May 27, 2004,At the University of Alberta at least, the webboard has done wonders by: 1. Getting new people involved in student politics; 2. Getting information about Students’ Union events out; 3. Making elected officials accountable for their opinions; 4. Facilitating interinstitutional opinion sharing without even spending thousands on… Continue reading Edmonton wins Calgary wins less

Head-to-head: NFL preview

By David Bray

The 2013 National Football League season commences on Sept. 5. Gauntlet sports writers Marshal Wolff and David Bray got together to discuss the some key talking points coming into the year. Which team is your dark horse for this year? Marshal Wolff: For me, it’s the Kansas City Chiefs. I know they tied for the… Continue reading Head-to-head: NFL preview

Hockey’s greatest rivalry

By Lawrence Bailey

Tuesday evening I settled down in front of my television for the latest installment in a time-honoured tradition, one of sport’s greatest rivalries: The Battle of Alberta. While Stamps-Eskies clashes, Dinos-Bears battles and, most inexplicably, Cannons-Trappers tilts, have all been sucked into the whole arena of Calgary and Edmonton’s sports rivalry, we all know the… Continue reading Hockey’s greatest rivalry

Magic 8-ball predicts NHL future… read on, if you dare

By Daorcey Le Bray

Hockey fans looked out their windows last Thursday morning to see the glorious white that marked the last day of the Canadian summer. The crispness in the air signalled the official coming of our unofficial national sport. Hockey’s back! There is a certain excitement that precedes this game. Its speed captures us and its drama… Continue reading Magic 8-ball predicts NHL future… read on, if you dare

Who wins in Sochi?

By David Song

As the opening ceremonies ignite in Sochi this week, hockey fans across a dozen nations will find themselves biting their nails as their country battles to bring home the coveted Olympic gold medal. Each country has sent their best and even the weaker squads will fight bitterly for a chance to reach the podium. Nevertheless,… Continue reading Who wins in Sochi?

Screen Time: Fall television preview, part one

By Sean Sullivan

There’s a long list of new television shows this fall all vying for your procrastination. Some will be worth your time, others won’t. Over the next couple weeks, I’m going to break down a number of new shows and help you decide where it’s worth wasting time rather than studying. This week I’ll start with… Continue reading Screen Time: Fall television preview, part one