Oh my God, is that Matt Damon wearing 13? Frederic DeCaigny (far back) is stealth-like as usual.
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Fortune is Belgian, God eats waffles

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The history of Belgian soccer is riddled with great names like Jean-Marie Pfaff, Marc Wilmots and the cruel King Leopold II. The Belgians terrorize their opponents with laser-like precision, no doubt a by-product of indoctrination by their ruthless diamond-cutting industrial complex.

Fortunately for the University of Calgary, the Belgians are on our side. To be more precise (Belgians like precision), Antwerp product Frederic DeCaigny plays striker for Head Coach Andy Gibbs' Dinos squad and helped the scrappy Calgary squad secure three points from the Trinity Western University Spartans with a well-timed 83rd-minute strike.

"The win was huge, those guys have been talking $&@! the whole season--we get the soccer reports from the West," said DeCaigny after the Dinos triumphed 1-0. "They keep putting us down, saying we're not a good team, so it's great to show them."

DeCaigny, affectionately known as "the Belgian Waffle," pulled the Dinos to third-place in the Canada West Conference, well within playoff range. Calgary has ten points, six behind conference favourites University of Alberta and one more than the University of British Columbia.

"There are five teams that can beat each other here," said coach Gibbs, referring to the U of A, UBC, Trinity Western, Victoria and the Dinos. "It's 50/50 between the five of us so we have to make sure to have good results when we play each other."

The Dinos intend to do just that, when they face the U of A Golden Bears and the basement-dwelling University of Saskatchewan Huskies on Fri., Oct. 4, and Sun., Oct. 6 respectively. Two wins almost ensure the Dinos a spot in the Canada West Conference finals in Edmonton.

G-G-G-Goal Notes

Midfielder Matt Houston (also known as the most popular man on campus) could have made it 2-0 in the 85th minute but failed to put the ball in the wide-open net.

"Even his good looks couldn't get that one in," remarked one Matt Houston Fan Club member.

The Matt Houston Fan Club is going global. Retired women's soccer player Jessie Norrie is leaving for Germany but promised to "never forget" Houston.

The Tigers faction of the men's soccer team was being berated for their white, wealthy and mostly Anglo-Saxon roots.

Quote of the week: "Hey Gibbs, if you had kids they'd be Tigers."

- Defender Andrew Zakaluzny