Concussion or not, Dinos keeper Charlotte Sullivan is a force of nature.
Adam Berti/the Gauntlet

It's Charlotte's world

We just happen to live there

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Our interview was set for Thursday 4 p.m. On Wednesday, at roughly 6 p.m., Charlotte Sullivan suffered her first concussion.

"If I act stupid right now, it's the concussion," said Sullivan with a big grin. She then proceeded to curse herself, teammate Jessica Horning's knee, the doctor who did not clear her to play, the numerical portion of the concussion test, and finally, life itself.

"It sucks; I can't play. I have a midterm next week and now I feel retarded 'cause Horning gave me a concussion."

Funny thing, Jessica Horning weighs about 100 lbs and Sullivan towers over her like an older sister.

"But she has big knees," protested Sullivan. "Really."

If you haven't noticed yet, the Dinos keeper is everything but orthodox. She began her life as the largest baby ever born in her hospital in Charlottetown P.E.I. and she hasn't looked back since.

After high school, Sullivan made her way west, and somehow ended up at the University of Calgary as the understudy to All Canadian goalkeeper Taryn Swiatek. A year later, Swiatek is injured and out for the season, and Sullivan has filled in admirably, at least until she got a concussion.

"I feel more part of the team this year, especially with Taryn still here. She pumps me up so much. At practice, she's behind the net going crazy, she does all my trashtalking for me."

Sullivan has been solid all season long, but she's quick to point out two bad goals she let in, one against the Victoria Vikes and one against the Alberta Pandas.

"The U of A free kick was the worst. It started with me, it ended with me."

Sullivan let the ball bounce off her chest and into the net. The Dinos lost 1-0.

"When I let in a goal against the U of A I was upset. I didn't cry, but my eyes watered up.

"And no, that's not cute. I was playing a game."

Sullivan was quick to defend herself because she has a reputation for crying a lot--a reputation her teammates seldom live down.

"I cry at makeover stories. When people are so happy, I can't help but cry. When I get mad, I cry. I don't know what to do, I fidget, I look at my feet and I tear up. They laugh... I cry."

Regardless of the barbs, Sullivan loves her team. How else do you explain the shameless plug she gives her defence?

"They like getting their names in the paper 'cause they'll feel more important."

Sarah Dunlop, Steph Bourigault, Erin Ramsey, Sue Hunter and Burdine Chmilar. They're so good, it almost makes me cry.





Very proud to say that Charlotte is my sister and the reason she is so tough is because of her older siblings pushing her so much.

Charlotte is a class act and has always put her friends first. Nice to see that she is doing so well and mentioning the people that are helping her.

Personally I am to far away to watch any matches right now but I am trying to keep up with all that the Dinos are doing.

Great job little sis. And best of luck Dinos!

aha im her 1st cuzin,i am the supierue keeper in the family, i taught her,,im thebest man united, call me

Oh Charlotte,
I think Tommy has it wrong, the reason Charlotte is so tuff, is because she had me for a roomie in her first year at the UofC. And there's a possibility that without my sharp reflexes, and commitment to training after hours, Char may not have been the star player that she is now.
Ok that may be a stretch, but she is a phenomenon and I've just called to say... and not just called, visited even.