The JW-Jones Blues Band, Bogarts Bounce


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Politics aside, Ottawa is simply not a location that comes to mind when considering the blues. However, The JW-Jones Blues Band seems intent on altering that perception. By blues standards this is a relatively young band, but these boys are more in tune to a traditional blues sense than you'd expect.

The aptly titled Bogart's Bounce has a mostly swing feel to it, led by guitarist JW-Jones who has no difficulty finding the proper tone to accompany his surprisingly mature blues chops. This guy has done his homework.

Southside Steve's dynamic harp playing is aided by plenty of keyboards, guest vocalists and a solid rhythm section.

Watch for Jones and his band to gain a respectable name for themselves outside of their home town.





I just picked up this album myself, and I am surprised at the extreme improvement of the band, and production on this action-packed disc. Great to see Kim Wilson lending a hand to the REAL blues musicians carrying this on to the next generation! JW and the fellas are rising to the top!!!