Students' Union year-end reviews: Meg Martin

How your SU executive stacks up compared to boxes of delicious cereal

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Students' Union vice-president academic Meg Martin has delivered healthy changes to the University of Calgary's academic body with a crisp taste that is agreeable to all -- much like the healthy, but sweet, taste of Oatmeal Crisp.

Her tenacity brought through projects that have been long ongoing and that lagged even under her capable predecessors. Rolling out the SU's online exam bank is a colossal achievement that stands testament to her resolve. While the exam bank still lacks a diverse, wide-range of exams, this is almost solely due to club and professor resistance and is in no way a reflection of Martin's performance. Martin's term also saw the implementation of an impartial arbitrator with the capacity to resolve disputes (and investigative powers) between the SU, GSA and the university in ombudsperson Robert Clegg.

While Martin admits that she stands on the shoulders of predecessors, was well prepared and received good transition training, she remains a powerhouse of this year's SU executive.

Her term as vp academic saw the passing of substantial academic policy, a record spike in Teaching Excellence Award nominations and the development of the TEA "hall of fame" which paved the way for the recognition of junior outstanding instructors in addition to TEA juggernauts.

Martin extensively represented students on committees as a well-respected voice and has been called on in numerous instances by the university to advise on academics.

During her term as VP academic Martin's multitude of accomplishments (too long to list here) articulated her fervent dedication, passion and professionalism. Martin's hard work was extremely evident in the public eye despite the massive challenges presented by the amalgamation of the Arts Faculty and the SU's governance review, of which she played an integral part.