The other type of clubbing

By John Leung

Clubs are a varied lot. On campus, clubs are divided into 10 “umbrella groups,” each representing general interest and academic types, ranging from Academic (most departments have a students’ association) to Interest (e.g. student wings of non-governmental organizations on campus) and Hobbies. During Clubs Week, held at the beginning of the Fall and Winter semesters,… Continue reading The other type of clubbing

The old standby: drinking

By Lawrence Bailey

Citizens of the University of Calgary are notorious drunks. We’re not talking belligerent, semi-humourous, Winston Churchill/Ralph Klein alcoholics here, they are full-fledged Hunter S. Thompsons. So buckle up kids, and prepare yourselves for some fear and loathing. There have been a number of battles in years past between the jovial revellers loosely referred to as… Continue reading The old standby: drinking

Dinos rule the Jack Simpson Gym

By Lawrence Bailey

Athletics and athletes at Canadian universities are wonderful things. They are also horribly misunderstood. Unlike the United States, where 60,000 people pack into stadiums and a top recruit can be a huge financial boon for the institution, Canadian student athletes aren’t gods about campus. One of the biggest reasons for this is tradition, most Canadian… Continue reading Dinos rule the Jack Simpson Gym

Co-op and studying abroad

By Natalie Sit

Now that you’re here, you probably want to leave. But fear not, leaving the University of Calgary is easily done. You have five options: internships, co-ops, field schools, term abroad programs and exchanges. Career Services (MSC 188) organizes internships and co-ops. Through these two options you gain valuable work experience, money and a sick realization… Continue reading Co-op and studying abroad

Your very own U of C e-mail account

By Alan Cho

It’s a promise made to you by wacky teen comedies and burnt out hippies. A promise that university is not only an educational institution, but also a new social milieu to interact with new people and attempt to entice them into doing things you’ve only seen in Girls Gone Wild. They’ve lied to you. Most… Continue reading Your very own U of C e-mail account

Safewalk this way

By Fifi Enyi

Traveling alone always creates such amazing feelings of excitement and freedom. However, the university campus can become a little scary after hours. For single travelers of MacEwan Hall studying past midnight before finals, walking to Lot 10 can be quite a hike. For this reason, Safewalk provides 24 hours of protection and help for those… Continue reading Safewalk this way

Library, or bibliothéque in French

By Falice Chin

According to a recent survey, frosh students aren’t the only ones intimidated by the University of Calgary’s massive MacKimmie Library, many second and third-year students still get lost in the 13-storey labyrinth. While most attempt to avoid the library for as long as possible, in reality all students will need it at one point or… Continue reading Library, or bibliothéque in French