Festival promises real razzmatazz

By Chris Beauchamp

The horns are cued, the spit traps blown. Piano’s keyed, bass is tuned. Perhaps most important, the lights are coming up in a packed joint. So listen up baby, with cats comin’ from the world over to break it down for you, better you do your part to get this whole city jumpin’. And since… Continue reading Festival promises real razzmatazz

Dreams and celluloid for $100

By Jeff Kubik

So, you’re a video store clerk who finds himself dreaming about the silver screen, a struggling student with dreams of becoming the next Alfred Hitchcock. You’re a dreamer without a medium and you’ve been told since day one that the things which make you happy are fantasies you can’t possibly pursue. Well, there are a… Continue reading Dreams and celluloid for $100

From the pen to the production

By James Keller

The process of converting the simple conception of a script to its full-fledged production is one few audience members see-or are even aware of.Enter Alberta Theatre Projects playRites 2002. The festival, a yearly staple at Calgary’s ATP, aims to seek out and develop new plays by Canada’s emerging playwrights."We try to look across the country… Continue reading From the pen to the production

Bucking off American culture

By Nicole Kobie

Can experimental theatre help define Canadian identity? Can it help in struggle against "commercial entertainment mediocrity?"According to One Yellow Rabbit’s Michael Green, probably not.It can, however, make the search a more interesting trip.Part of his struggle against an American-centered culture is OYR’s High Performance Rodeo, a festival of Canadian and international experimental theatre projects. Though… Continue reading Bucking off American culture