Africa’s ailing health system

By Вen Li

University of Saskatchewan’s Dr. Ronaldo Labonte apptly described the general sentiment of the G6B panel on health.“The lack of effective health care is a public disease,” he said. “Inadequately funded health systems are unable to deliver existing treatments like vaccines.”Labonte and the June 22, 2002 panel were primarily concerned with global health system funding, citing… Continue reading Africa’s ailing health system

G6B Summit Launch

By Вen Li

The Group of Six Billion Peoples’ Summit opened Fri., June 21 to a packed audience of over 1,000 at the Red and White Club."We are extremely pleased with the support and interests the Peoples’ Summit is getting," said Conference Chair Organizer Saren Azer. "We only hope the efforts and dialogue exhibited throughout the conference will… Continue reading G6B Summit Launch

G6B welcoming address by Reverend Dr. John Snow, Stony Nation Chief

By Вen Li

Discussion on G8 decisions and how they will affect people is expected at the Group of Six Billion Peoples’ conference at the University of Calgary this week. Reverend Dr. John Snow, Stony Nation Chief, delivered opening remarks on these subjects on Fri., June 21."We the people live in a global village. We have one planet,… Continue reading G6B welcoming address by Reverend Dr. John Snow, Stony Nation Chief

Futility in motion

By Kris Kotarski

The G8 is the biggest comedy of errors our city has ever seen. It’s worse than the Stampede, worse than the so-called C-Train improvements–even worse than the mentally challenged process of getting our city a new logo. The G8 is a waste from every angle, be it for the businessman, the protester or George W.… Continue reading Futility in motion

Free speech all but destroyed

By Nicole Kobie

Those who believe books like George Orwell’s 1984 or Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaiden’s Tale are likely a little nervous these days. In these novels, characters and societies hand over hard-earned freedom with minimal resistance. Little steps, justified by fear and war, erode liberties until people are trapped in a frightening, suffocating dictatorship.Have those first steps… Continue reading Free speech all but destroyed

Bush miffed with Iraq

By Corinna Callsen

Ever since the Gulf War in 1990, the relationship between the United States and Iraq is more than frosty. For a time, it seemed weapons inspections and sanctions would be a temporary stepping stone to normality in Iraq but this was recently proven wrong.Ever since September 11, the sharply divided U.S. government struggled to find… Continue reading Bush miffed with Iraq

Amnesty International concerned

By Corinna Callsen

This year’s G8 summit will focus on global economics, fighting terrorism and African development. According to Amnesty International, all three topics have a human rights aspect, which is the major concern of the organization.Amnesty International representatives from all over the world will speak at a day-long workshop on Mon., June 24 at the Group of… Continue reading Amnesty International concerned

Spelunkers caught, Campus Security makes plans for G8

By Adriana Hunstad

A bizarre incident occurred one early morning in May, when Campus Security nabbed three men in their early 20s with flashlights and goggles around 2 a.m."It is a new trend, first identified in Toronto about two years ago: urban cave exploring," said Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz. "They try to penetrate tunnels on different campuses.… Continue reading Spelunkers caught, Campus Security makes plans for G8