Campus Pro Life club’s trespassing charges stayed

By Eric Mathison

Campus Pro Life won’t be going to court after all. On Monday the group known for its Genocide Awareness Project was informed by the Alberta Crown Prosecutors’ Office that the charges against them had been stayed. “We’re very pleased with the result,” said CPL treasurer Alanna Campbell. Campbell and five other member of the group… Continue reading Campus Pro Life club’s trespassing charges stayed

Campus Pro-Life returns

By Sarelle Azuelos

The University of Calgary Campus Pro-Life club may face more charges of trespassing after setting up their Genocide Awareness Project display again this week. In November, the university asked the group to turn their signs depicting abortions, victims of the Holocaust and Rwandan genocide inwards. After they failed to comply, the university charged the students… Continue reading Campus Pro-Life returns

Pro-lifers lose club status

By Katy Anderson

University of Calgary’s Campus Pro-Life club was disbanded by the Students’ Union on Tuesday afternoon. The council chambers in MacEwan Students’ Centre were packed as media crowded into the circular room to hear the SU’s verdict on whether or not the club would remain sanctioned. The hearing was called last week after university administration charged… Continue reading Pro-lifers lose club status

Campus Pro-Life fallout continues

By Katy Anderson

A recent move by the University of Calgary to charge three students with trespassing has generated headlines across the country. Three members of Campus Pro-Life were served notice over the past week and a half, said club treasurer Alanna Campbell. Another three are expected to be charged shortly. “Getting the call that the police showed… Continue reading Campus Pro-Life fallout continues

Pro-lifers face fines and misconduct

By Sarelle Azuelos

The University of Calgary faced criticism from students and media the last few days after initially threatening the Campus Pro-Life group with arrest, fines and/or non-academic misconduct for their controversial Genocide Awareness Project display. The university called for the group to face its images inwards, allowing passersby the option of not seeing the display. CPL… Continue reading Pro-lifers face fines and misconduct