Drama utilizes Calgary’s best aspects

By Amanda Hu

Sex, Shakespearean archetypes and big oil are meeting up in a new series on the CBC premiering Jan. 6. Filmed in Calgary, Wild Roses revamps a classic tale: two high-class families are feuding for ultimate power, making for a dramatic mix of emotions and domineering. After finishing the first season, one of the show’s actors,… Continue reading Drama utilizes Calgary’s best aspects

Pickin’ up some girls at the bar

By Jordyn Marcellus

I’m an average, frustrated chump. No one ever taught me how to meet girls, nor did I ever learn how to attract women. I always thought that you were born with that skill, ingrained and unlearnable. After hanging out with Allen Bubich– creator and panel moderator of Keys to the VIP– I’ve realized how totally… Continue reading Pickin’ up some girls at the bar

TV is awesome, guys

By Hoang-Mai Hong

The Gauntlet slogs into the ever-expanding quagmire of television and helps sort out the best shows on which to waste your time– away from more productive pursuits, such as, say, school– from the dreck you’ll probably be delighted to waste your time on anyway. Mondays How I Met Your Mother (CBS/E!)– This show is one… Continue reading TV is awesome, guys

Show Preview: Brent Butt’s Gas goes live

By Adam White

Watching television these days can feel like a chore rather than entertainment. You turn on the TV, searching for something good to watch, and only find a lot of tribal councils, eliminations, and talent shows, all with little worth. Once in a while though, a show comes along single-handedly making the sift through the garbage… Continue reading Show Preview: Brent Butt’s Gas goes live