By Kris Kotarski

Complete with secret barnyard meetings, repressive government agents and heroic marches on the capital, its roots are in the populace, the working class, the poor, the meek and the repressed. And finally, its history is one of the great Canadian tales seldom told outside the small circle of supporters and history buffs.If you don’t count… Continue reading THE EIGHTY YEAR REVOLUTION

king crimson

By Ken Clarke

In March of last year, King Crimson graced our discerning ears with a three CD live set, culled from 2000’s ConstruKction Of Light European Tour, entitled Heavy ConstruKction.The first two discs contain innovative live versions of various Crimson compositions as well as a unique cover of David Bowie’s "Heroes" (Robert Fripp was the guitarist on… Continue reading king crimson


By Chris Tihor

Almost five years in the making, Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes, was well worth the wait. The latest release from Propagandhi packs an incredible amount of energy into these 13 politically-driven, progressive thrash-punk anthems. With a sound unlike any other, Propagandhi created an amazing album both musically and lyrically. It is rare to see a band… Continue reading propagandhi

Clint Mansell

By Myke Atkinson

With each listen through the soundtrack to Requiem for a Dream, listeners will find themselves further and further consumed by the painful yet beautiful tracks of pure emotion. The music is composed by Clint Mansell, formerly of Pop Will Eat Itself, with the help of string ensemble Kronos Quartet, and should not be listened to… Continue reading Clint Mansell

Diana krall

By Michelle Blackwell

Diana Krall is one of Canada’s hottest new exports and it’s not hard to see why. The Look of Love is a fabulous follow-up to her Grammy Award-winning album When I Look in Your Eyes, highlighting the smooth, smoky voice her fans have come to adore. A collection of 10 ballads and bossa nova tunes… Continue reading Diana krall

Struggles of adolesence soon lost in Fat Girl

By Anita Singh

Coming to terms with one’s sexuality is something that all adolescents eventually deal with. Unfortunately for the girls in Fat Girl, this will never happen.Fat Girl centres around the over- weight, practical and sexually curious 12-year-old Anais (Anaïs Reboux), and her promiscuous, yet still virgin, 15-year-old sister Elena (Roxane Mesquida). Anais, although shy and unaware… Continue reading Struggles of adolesence soon lost in Fat Girl

Bucking off American culture

By Nicole Kobie

Can experimental theatre help define Canadian identity? Can it help in struggle against "commercial entertainment mediocrity?"According to One Yellow Rabbit’s Michael Green, probably not.It can, however, make the search a more interesting trip.Part of his struggle against an American-centered culture is OYR’s High Performance Rodeo, a festival of Canadian and international experimental theatre projects. Though… Continue reading Bucking off American culture

Here to provide a little direction

By Eric Fung

On Jan. 15, the University of Calgary will accomplish one of six recommendations from its 2001 Enrolment Management by Design report when Mr. Kevin Paul becomes Director of Enrolment Services.This new position was created by the U of C to oversee its recruitment and admissions, an area in which Paul has 20 years of experience.… Continue reading Here to provide a little direction

U of C’s own deadly septet

By Ruth Davenport

In the dog-eat-dog world of research awards, seven University of Calgary professors just received a leg up.Drs. Susan Bennett, Len Bruton, Richard Cleve, Curtis Eaton, Edna Einsiedel, Marcelo Epstein and Patrick Lee are the inaugural recipients of the U of C Professorships award program, designed to complement the federally-funded Canada Research Chairs program and to… Continue reading U of C’s own deadly septet

Different tuition for different folks

By Andrea Bundon

Rough financial times could lead to drastic fee changes as early as Fall 2003 for University of Calgary students.At the Nov. 30 Board of Governors meeting, U of C Vice-President Keith Winter indicated that discussions were held regarding the implementation of differential tuition as early as Fall 2002. The discussions did not convert to action,… Continue reading Different tuition for different folks