Sexual assault witnesses sought

Last week, Campus Security issued a security alert on a sexual assault that occurred on Nov. 5, 2002. However, it seemed to have caused some concern on campus.

“We apologize if we have caused some confusion with the last security alert,” said Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz.

The intention was to gain the attention of witnesses of the incident.

“To clarify, the sexual assault on Nov. 5 was concluded in the sense that the offender was apprehended on campus by Officer Wilson Lee and turned over to city police,” said Fritz.

A few days afterwards, the man was also charged with several assaults in the Varsity Acres area. Currently, police officers are looking at strengthening the case by finding the other witnesses.

Two incidents on Nov. 5, occurred within minutes of each other in the Biological Sciences and Science Theatres areas, according to Fritz. The first victim was walking to class when a man inappropriately touched her. She and a passing male chased after him, but soon lost sight of him. As he was running through Science Theatres, next to the Zipper, he approached another victim.

At the second assault, three students were studying in the carols next to the incident. One student looked over and saw the incident take place. The assaulted student was sleeping when she was woken up by the assault. As she was slow in focusing on him, she had more difficulty identifying the offender than the witnesses. Fortunately, officer Lee was able to use the description given by the witnesses to identify the man as he later passed by him in MacEwan Hall.

“It was good that he was able to pick him out of a crowd. Not everyone could do that,” said Fritz.

Lee approached the man, who voluntarily joined him at Campus Security. It was revealed that the man had assaulted another women in Varsity Acres just hours before arriving on campus. He is a 20-year-old non-student.

The suspect is currently awaiting trial. In the meantime, more information is needed to help build a solid case. Fritz feels that the missing witnesses might be in a better position in offering further information.

“We have information for the first case, and are looking for the second,” said Fritz. “There were two other people in the area that saw it, and we want them to come in or call police.”

Anyone with additional information that will help this case is encouraged to contact Campus Security at 220-5333, or Calgary Police Service at 266-1234.


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