Cuts to Campus Security

By Nicole Kobie

Like many departments of the University of Calgary, Campus Security likely faces cutbacks in the next budget, due out this spring. In order to keep the expanding campus space and increasing numbers of people on campus safe, Campus Security is looking for ways to be more efficient.

“There’s no decisions that have been made as of yet, but like everybody, when it comes to restructuring, I’m sure my biggest concern is just being able to meet the challenges that we have coming down the road,” said Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz. “I’m sure we’re going to be able to meet those challenges. I think what it really comes down to is being a little more creative about how we use our resources.”

One change being considered concerns the shift system. Currently, Campus Security schedules the same amount of staff on every day of the week. Now, they’re considering reassessing the shifts around how many calls for assistance happen at different times.

“Basically we’re hoping we can bubble up our resources,” said Fritz. “We’ll have fewer people in less busier times; that will make us more efficient and allow us to provide adequate security coverage for the campus.”

University administration has apparently requested department heads find more efficient ways to provide services.

“Those of us in charge of departments have been asked to put on our thinking caps to consult with our own staff and the people we deliver services to… in order to come up with some suggestions [so] we as an organization can become more effective,” said Fritz.

“One of the challenges is in setting priorities,” said U of C VP External Relations Roman Cooney. “We need to figure out what areas should spending be increased or maintained.”

Even though Campus Security may face budget cuts, Fritz believes the campus will remain be a safe place.

“Basically the university will still want to maintain a safe and secure living environment on campus,” emphasized Fritz. “That won’t change.”


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