Advising student services

By Emily Senger

A new student council beginning later this month will potentially increase student input in major decisions within Student Academic Services.

"We’ll assess the programs and services already offered or considered by the university and the programs and services that are not functioning well," said Dr. Peggy Patterson, who will chair the council.

The program hopes to provide a forum for students to discuss issues regarding the academic services affecting them.

"The advisory council will contain representatives from the Students’ Union, Graduate Students’ Association, and the Residence Students’ Association as well as students at large," explained Dr. Patterson.

The council will also consist of prospective University of Calgary students, possibly including transfer students and high school students.

"We want to hold the university accountable for all that they do and be accountable to students in new ways," said Dr. Patterson.

‘"At other universities student academic services account for four or five per cent of the budget. The University of Calgary Student Academic Services has only one per cent of the total university budget," explained Nicolaides.

The Student Advisory Council is welcomed by the SU as students use programs offered by SAS every day, even if they do not realize it.

"An example of budget cuts to SAS is the lost and found bin being moved to outside the SU office. These are the services that directly affect students," explained Nicolaides.

SAS provides students with various services to meet their needs. Programs under SAS include services such as the Native Centre, the Undergraduate Programs Office, the Chaplains” Centre, the Disability Resource Centre and the International Student Centre.

The first meeting will be held later this October and the council will meet twice throughout the semester.

"In March 2004 we will review our accomplishments [within the council] to determine the council’s future form," said Patterson.

Representatives from the SU and the GSA were yet to be informed of the date of the first meeting.