Spun: Diplo

By Richard Freeman

Diplo rocks both tables and production like few DJ’s have or ever will. He combines organic, flowing samples with burning electronic break beats to create a very balanced sound. Best known for his awesome hip-hop mix tapes as part of the group Hollertronix, DJ Diplo may disappoint Hollertronix listeners, as Diplo samples everything ranging from rock power chords, to silky jazz, to bangrha, to classical cello into a truly cohesive and collected sound.

The massive variety of styles develop many different and powerful moods. “Indian Thick Jawns” is a funky blend of rolling rap vocals and traditional Indian loops. The mostly traditional production becomes the stability in which listeners can take comfort when being confronted by what might otherwise sound truly bizarre.

Always ahead of the trends, Diplo scared Europeans with Krunk music before anyone ever “leaned back”. With bizarre beats and genre blending, Dido brings us to the next step in hip-hop. For him, the only sound that the next generation of music lovers will want to listen to is something different. Diplo’s first solo album “Florida” shows that he truly has that unique sound, capable of progression.