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Studentsí Union end of year reviews: Events

By Ryan Pike

Richard Freeman took over as vice-president events last Aug. when then VP events Eric Jablonski left for medical school. From there, he kept things rolling until he was able to follow his own platform when elected in the Oct. byelection. Despite having big shoes to fill, Freeman proved himself up to the challenge. He was… Continue reading Students√≠ Union end of year reviews: Events

SU View: BSD–Digital Revolution

By Richard Freeman

Fear not! The Taylor Family Digital Library construction will not get in the way of the Digital Revolution: Bermuda Shorts Day 2008! This year’s party on Fri., Apr. 18 is jam-packed with the finest bands from around the country. Michael Bernard Fitzgerald will be rocking a party set with triple-drum action. Jah Cutta will be… Continue reading SU View: BSD–Digital Revolution

SU View: SU protests credit card issue

By Richard Freeman

University administration is focused on the future, the student experience of 2012. However, many current students are unsatisfied with their U of C education. In its drive for the future, the university has lost communication with the current student body. The university is here to serve students–understanding how its decisions effect students must not be… Continue reading SU View: SU protests credit card issue

SU View: Enviropalooza–Oilsands Awareness Week

By Richard Freeman

Your finger is on the button. As an Albertan you make decisions that significantly impact the environment and economy on a global scale. You have this massive power because you help make decisions about the Alberta oilsands. How we handle this resource is pivotal to the world economy and environment. The best decisions are those… Continue reading SU View: Enviropalooza–Oilsands Awareness Week

SU View: New Music on Film Series at That Empty Space!

By Richard Freeman

Sigur Ros are playing live in That Empty Space Tue. Jan. 22 at 3 p.m! Well, ok, the world-renowned Icelandic band won’t be making it to Calgary any time soon, but we have the next best thing: Sigur Ros’ new film Heima! The film follows the band as they embark on a free tour of… Continue reading SU View: New Music on Film Series at That Empty Space!

SU Review: VP Events

By Gauntlet Editorial Board

Much like Luke Skywalker was called upon to save the day, so was Richard Freeman called upon to bail out the events commission. Not only was Freeman taking over for the beloved Eric Jablonski–who departed for medical school in Aug.–he also had to run the events commission short-handed and follow Jablonski’s platform until the Oct.… Continue reading SU Review: VP Events

SU byelection

By Daniel Pagan

Only six per cent of undergraduate students cast their ballots in last week’s Students’ Union byelection. The byelection ran smoothly, with no online voting issues reported. The only campus-wide SU race was an events commissioner position. The spot had been vacant since Richard Freeman became the interim vice-president events in Aug. Residence Student’s Association VP… Continue reading SU byelection

Disc Jockeys at the Den

By Daniel Pagan

Soon, you may have a good reason for staying around campus after along week of classes–music at the Den from one of the well-known local club disc jockeys, Noah York City. The Students’ Union vice president events Richard Freeman signed him up for new party night exclusive to the Den on Fri. nights, starting Oct.… Continue reading Disc Jockeys at the Den