Klein’s PSE priority

By Jeff Kubik

Last month, Premier Ralph Klein declared education the top priority of the latest Conservative mandate. Raising the spectre of a tuition freeze or “something of that nature,” Klein’s new position on education follows the creation of the Advanced Education Ministry days before the last provincial election. For student leaders like the U of C’s Students’… Continue reading Klein’s PSE priority

Academic help

By Chris Beauchamp

‘Traditionally, students looking for free juice and cookies have had to give up the very blood pumping through their veins. Now, thanks to a new speaker series launched by the Students’ Union, University of Calgary students can get their free juice and cookies served up with a healthy dose of useful academic strategies, tips and… Continue reading Academic help

SU wins millions for quality, loses tuition fight

By Darlene Seto

The University of Calgary Students’ Union scored a victory at the most recent Board of Governors meeting on Dec. 10, pushing through their entire proposal regarding tuition relief and enhancement of quality for students. While merely consolation for the SU’s futile efforts at blocking maximum tuition hikes, the board’s approval is a commitment that a… Continue reading SU wins millions for quality, loses tuition fight


By Magnus Xavier Fizzleworth

Wherein noted word fandangalizer Magnus Fizzleworth expounds on the growing public indulgence of indecency in general and in the exploits of Paris Hilton in particular. Zounds. That We are allowing our children and the dullards at large to indulge in the ubiquitous boobery of that most heinous of celebrity of base flesh and vicarious Indulgence… Continue reading Trollops

Conservatives: A real forward party

By Laurent J. Morin

Editor, the Gauntlet, Re: “Green Party doesn’t steal,” Dec. 9, 2004, I’m not sure exactly who our disgruntled Green Party Candidates are trying to fool when claiming that “if you do the math, only 20.8 per cent of the eligible voting population in Alberta endorsed the Conservative government”. Although dis- appointed with the low voter-turnout… Continue reading Conservatives: A real forward party

Culture shock

By John Leung Chung-Yin

People leave and travel every day, people settle, and others move on, but how much of an indigenous culture does one who is departing a locale take away? For those who have shared in the experience of immigration, it is something that cannot be easily forgotten: the first awkward steps in a new land, and… Continue reading Culture shock

How to be Human

By Madeleine Somerville

It’s incredible the amount of hate that people can carry in their hearts for those unknown to them. It’s enough to make you cry–for the hypocrisy, for the cruelty, for the apathy, for ignoring a message simply because it has been said too many times. If the message was truly heard and taken to heart… Continue reading How to be Human