SU View not SU’s actual view

By Jen Smith

Editor, the Gauntlet,

Re: “Gauntlet unaccountable,” Mar. 17, 2005,

I think that last week’s SU View, labeled “Gauntlet unaccountable,” by [SU Vice-President Opera-tions and Finance] Greg Clayton should be retracted. It might be fine as a personal letter by Greg to the editor, but the SU View is supposed to be, well, the SU’s view, and I don’t think this is.

A contentious issue like this should have been discussed and debated in SLC, maybe even had a resolution passed, before such statements were made. Council should be the body that decided whether or not the SU should condemn the actions of [Editors] Dale [Miller] and Ben [Li] or not, and whether or not the SU supports the Gauntlet’s Board of Directors’ decision to suspend them, or whether or not the SU should take one side or the other about this in the first place.


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