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SU midterm reviews: VP academic Meg Martin

By Sarelle Azuelos

Megan Martin is a tall, sophisticated Martini, definitely a little more stirred than shaken. Students’ Union vice-president academic Martin, clearly the original and always a classic, has had a lot thrown her way these past few months. On top of trying to make sense of the academic appeals process and representing students in the upcoming… Continue reading SU midterm reviews: VP academic Meg Martin

Complacent Martin wrong man for Canada

By Esther E. Steeves

Progress. What would the world be like without it? A static society is likely impossible, but an examination of Canadian politics and the idea is a little too close to reality. Small things do change, like the Liberal Party (read: the only appealing party across the country and shoe-in for the next federal election) which… Continue reading Complacent Martin wrong man for Canada

Gauntlet feature unbalanced

By Peter Menzies

Editors, the Gauntlet,Re: “Who’s afraid of Conrad Black?” March 23, 2000     I have just read the article "Who’s afraid of Conrad Black?" by Еvan Osentоn which was one of the better written articles to have appeared lately in your esteemed organ. While Canadians are free to debate Mr. Black’s extensive newspaper ownership–although why no one worries… Continue reading Gauntlet feature unbalanced

X-country round-up

By Alan Martin

Last week, the University of Calgary Cross Country team competed against varsity squads and clubs from all over western Canada in the Golden Bear open at the University of Alberta. The women’s team came in second, just behind the hosts, while the men placed fifth. Kristen Brennand led the U of C athletes, placing first… Continue reading X-country round-up

Head-to-head: NBA season preview

By Ashton Chugh

The National Basketball Association’s 2013–14 season is underway. Gauntlet sports writers Ashton Chugh and Suneil Sachdeva have answered the most pressing questions about the next 1230 games. Will the Miami Heat capture their third consecutive championship? Would this put them on the same level as the last two teams to do so (Kobe Bryant’s Lakers… Continue reading Head-to-head: NBA season preview

European soccer previews

By Mark Villani

Barclay’s English Premier League As Manchester United reach the end of their “glory, glory” era with star manager Alex Ferguson hanging up his whistle, the Premier League looks wide open this year as a number of teams could make their mark early. With new managers at Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea, one can expect… Continue reading European soccer previews

Head-to-head: NFL preview

By David Bray

The 2013 National Football League season commences on Sept. 5. Gauntlet sports writers Marshal Wolff and David Bray got together to discuss the some key talking points coming into the year. Which team is your dark horse for this year? Marshal Wolff: For me, it’s the Kansas City Chiefs. I know they tied for the… Continue reading Head-to-head: NFL preview

The Kelowna Accord

By Jeremy Woo

In the midst of the tumultuous, First Nations-based Idle No More movement, a familiar face in Canadian politics showed up in support of Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence’s daring hunger strike. Unfortunately, due to the precarious state of his short-lived minority government, former prime minister Paul Martin is not remembered for his groundbreaking involvement in aboriginal… Continue reading The Kelowna Accord

Editorial: Canada exporting terror

By Gauntlet Editorial Board

Gun violence in the United States has spun out of control. Last July we witnessed a man enter an Aurora, Colorado theatre wearing a gas mask, a load-bearing vest, a ballistic helmet and bullet-proof leggings. He was armed with grenades, a 12-gauge shotgun, a semi-automatic rifle and a handgun. Seventy people were wounded after he… Continue reading Editorial: Canada exporting terror