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What’s an artist to do?

By Anthony Grimes

Flash movies abound on the Net. Some are cool, but most are boring and pointless. Tony Bailey’s movie’s actually have substance behind all the flash ‘n dash. That’s why his site (specifically the Flash section) has been named eG’s Site of the Week. We highly recommend DNA for the science geeks. It’s built around an… Continue reading What’s an artist to do?

Computer lab kumate

By Anthony Grimes

The computer lab is one of the most powerful tools at a student’s disposal. It’s also a limited commodity, which will become apparent as essay season rolls around. To help you in your computer crusade, we have compiled information on four of the largest campus labs with full student access. Information Commons The Info Commons… Continue reading Computer lab kumate

MP3s just the beginning

By Anthony Grimes

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you’ve heard of the debate over mp3s, CD music compressed into files small enough to transfer over the Internet, and the illegal distribution of copyrighted music.Currently, the battle centres on Metallica’s lawsuit against Napster, producer of the most popular mp3 trading software on the… Continue reading MP3s just the beginning