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Letter: Unfit for print

By Tracy Rose

Editor, the Gauntlet, [RE: “Stick this in your pipe and smoke it,” Asia Walker, Jan. 25, 2007] How desperate are you that your paper should publish such ridiculous pieces as this? It’s not as though we haven’t already been inundated with countless opinions on the bylaw, but this one read like a five-paragraph persuasive essay… Continue reading Letter: Unfit for print

Letter: Masochists pissed

By Mistress D. Monika

Editor, the Gauntlet, [re: “Stick this in your pipe and smoke it,” Asia Walker, Jan. 25, 2007] I find myself, yet again, disappointed by the narrow-minded views taken by the Gauntlet and its writers. To say that masochists–all masochists–enjoy second hand smoke is an ignorant blanketing of an entire community of diverse individuals. The only… Continue reading Letter: Masochists pissed

Stick this in your pipe and smoke it

By Asia Walker

We’ve seen it all before. Good versus evil, the light side versus the dark side, the Liberals versus the Conservatives. But there is a new dichotomy in Calgary dividing citizens like no other. It’s causing fights between businesses and has the people rising up against their government. It is, of course, the anti-smoking bylaw. Cue… Continue reading Stick this in your pipe and smoke it

Film Review: Babel

By Asia Walker

Brad Pitt, intimate relationships and a lack of communication. While the list bears similarities to Pitt’s marital life, they’re also all featured in the early Oscar-contender, Babel. At first, the premise comes across as a replica of last years’ Oscar sweeper Crash, but it has enough unique elements to be its own story. Though the… Continue reading Film Review: Babel

You’re invited to 2219

By Emily Ask

After years of tossing around ideas for a television show, Aaron Kerr and Scott Lutley, both 23 and recent University of Calgary graduates, finally put their ideas into production last summer. Using mainly their own money, equipment and circle of friends, the webseries 2219 was born. The series follows the life, love and drama of… Continue reading You’re invited to 2219

Hollywood Rewrites History

By Nicole Kobie

Think of when you’re sitting in a theatre. The commercials finish, the coming attractions end, and the title comes across the screen, followed by the words “based on a true story.”But what exactly does that mean?It’s been said that art reflects reality and in the case of many movies, it’s often nothing more than a… Continue reading Hollywood Rewrites History