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Spun: R.E.M.

By Peter Hemminger

For many people born during the ’80s, listening to alternative rock was a right of passage. It was during this time the genre exploded in popularity and gathered many fans, whether having been introduced to it by their parents, peers, or discovering it by themselves. R.E.M. are a stalwart in the genre. Over the last… Continue reading Spun: R.E.M.

Spun: R.E.M.

By Peter Hemminger

Let’s throw it out there right away: this is two full discs and a DVD of live R.E.M. material. If you don’t like R.E.M., you likely won’t like this. Alright, now that that’s over with, Live at the Olympia in Dublin is a collection of songs recorded during a five-night stand in the summer of… Continue reading Spun: R.E.M.

Spun: R.E.M.

By Peter Hemminger

Star-crossed lovers are finally reunited. Terminal cancer patients find their miracle cure. The rag-tag band of misfits pull together and win the big game. Then the camera pulls back, screen goes black, and a song comes in on the rolling credits. It’s slow, it’s pretty and the lyrics are kind of sad, but sung with… Continue reading Spun: R.E.M.

Spun: Atoms for Peace

By Michael Grondin

 Maybe it’s just me, but anything Radiohead-related is pure gold. AMOK, the debut album by super-group Atoms for Peace, is a collection of songs by eccentric musicians that does not disappoint. Featuring Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich, The Red Hot Chili Pepper’s bassist Flea and Joey Waronker, who has drummed for Elliott Smith… Continue reading Spun: Atoms for Peace

Spun: The Decemberists

By Garth Paulson

“Long live the king!”- this traditional exclamation may pronounce a new era of independent music to come as The Decemberists explore new sonic territory. After six weeks of recording at the Pendarvis Farm near Portland, Oregon, The Decemberists completed work on their sixth album, January 2011’s The King is Dead, as well as the more… Continue reading Spun: The Decemberists

Spun: Rosie Thomas

By Kenzie Love

Upon listening to These Friends of Mine, it’s not surprising to learn that singer-songwriter Rosie Thomas contributed a tune to a recent children’s album. Her music is of the gentle, melodic variety ideally suited to that genre. It’s a bit of a jolt, however, to learn that she’s a sometime stand-up comedian. If her comedy… Continue reading Spun: Rosie Thomas

Misleading coverage of Middle East

By E.M.

Editors, the Gauntlet, Re: "Viewpoints: Can there be peace in the Middle East?" Oct. 19, 2000 H.R’s statement regarding news coverage of the Middle East as "pro-Palestinian" is not just ridiculous, but an insult to his/her own intelligence. The Western media is predominantly biased against the Palestinians. They use terms like "fighting," "violence" and "clashes,"… Continue reading Misleading coverage of Middle East

Supplements may help treat bipolar disorder

By Вen Li

Bipolar disorder may be treatable with nutritional supplements, according to researchers at the University of Calgary. U of C Faculty of Medicine professors Bonnie Kaplan and Steve Simpson presented their team’s research at the Canadian Psychiatric Association’s annual meeting earlier this month. "It’s a broad spectrum nutritional supplement," said Kaplan. "It has 36 ingredients; most… Continue reading Supplements may help treat bipolar disorder