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Ladies and toast

By John Reid

A few Thursdays ago, I was at the Den having a good time, talking to friends, getting drunk — nothing special. I hadn’t a clue how special this night would become. During a lull in conversation, I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned slowly, fully expecting a drunken friend to start slurring nonsense… Continue reading Ladies and toast

Faculty dress: a critique

By John Reid

“What the hell is Craigie Hall?” “Oh you know, it’s right beside Reeve Theatre, somewhere around the Education building.” “Wait a minute. Are you telling me there’s a building called ‘Education?’ That’s the worst name I’ve ever heard. What do they think is going on in the rest of the buildings? And I’ve been here… Continue reading Faculty dress: a critique

First time firsts

By John Reid

I remember my first time clearly– Sears catalogue, lingerie section, with the bottle of Vaseline my mom used to rub under my nose when it was dry. I was 13 and it just about went past my ear. There were a lot of firsts that year: first date, first drink, first time on third base.… Continue reading First time firsts

Of groin punches and the apologies that must follow

By John Reid

We’ve all been there, some more than others. You wake up the next morning and fight through the haze to get across the bed, everything a blur because you slept with your contacts in– again. Your bedroom (at least you’re in your own bedroom) smells like your grandma’s cellar closet after that time you puked… Continue reading Of groin punches and the apologies that must follow

Letter: Unfunny jokes are hurtful

By Joelle Robichaud

Editor, the Gauntlet, Sexist and racist jokes are still current and common in day-to-day life. Despite the many works that anti-racist activists and feminists have done to end the formal discrimination of peoples, the sexist and racist joke is seen as an innocent commentary on “facts.” This then trivializes and downplays the power structures underlining… Continue reading Letter: Unfunny jokes are hurtful

Head-to-head: NFL preview

By David Bray

The 2013 National Football League season commences on Sept. 5. Gauntlet sports writers Marshal Wolff and David Bray got together to discuss the some key talking points coming into the year. Which team is your dark horse for this year? Marshal Wolff: For me, it’s the Kansas City Chiefs. I know they tied for the… Continue reading Head-to-head: NFL preview

Entertainment news round up: July 18, 2013

By Sean Sullivan

Fate of Calgary’s Arts Central revealed Telus will be redeveloping the Arts Central property into a new $400-million building called the Telus Sky. Plans for the 58-storey building were announced on July 4. The 70,000-square-metre building will include 40,000 square metres of office space across 26 floors and 32 floors of residential space. The building… Continue reading Entertainment news round up: July 18, 2013

Year in review: banner year for the Dinos

By Jon Roe

The Dinos had a fantastic 2009-10 season, capturing three Canadian Interuniversity Sport titles. It was the second best year in Dinos history, behind only 1989, a season in which they captured five national titles. The University of Calgary was tops in the country in swimming, both men’s and women’s, and men’s volleyball. Following a Canada… Continue reading Year in review: banner year for the Dinos

Coulter’s campus visit draws a crowd

By Emily Ask

Ann Coulter, controversial author and conservative pundit, made her final Canadian tour stop in Calgary last Thursday. Originally scheduled to take place in Science Theatre 140 at the University of Calgary, organizers relocated her speech to a larger venue, the Red And White Club at McMahon Stadium. About 900 people showed up, including approximately 20… Continue reading Coulter’s campus visit draws a crowd