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Letter: This is your brain on psychology

By Dr. Keith Dobson

Editor, the Gauntlet, We are writing to follow up the letter to the editor that was recently published in the Gauntlet (“No problems with Psych program,” Feb. 14), which was in turn submitted in response to interview comments attributed to Dr. Donald Kline, a member of the department’s faculty, in a Gauntlet article by Mr.… Continue reading Letter: This is your brain on psychology

Letter: No problems with Psych program

By Keith Dobson

Editor, the Gauntlet, We would like to thank the Gauntlet for bringing attention to the issues of class size and class availability at the University (“The struggle between class size and availability,” Christian Louden, Jan. 31 Gauntlet). Psychology courses are among the most popular on campus and the demand for our courses far exceeds our… Continue reading Letter: No problems with Psych program

Psych program accredited

By Bonnie Leung

The University of Calgary’s Clinical Psychology program was recently approved for a five-year accreditation. According to Clinical Psychology director Keith Dobson, accreditation recognizes excellence in a training program. "Accreditation is a process approved by the Canadian Psychological Association," he said. "It’s basically a seal of approval which says the program meets certain training standards. These… Continue reading Psych program accredited

Depression here and there

By Michael Grondin

A University of Calgary researcher has found differences with how people experience depression in Canada and the Middle East. 
 U of C clinical psychology doctoral student Shadi Beshai has collaborated with an Egyptian psychologist and has found that people in Canada experience depression emotionally, while people in Egypt experience depression physically. These findings can… Continue reading Depression here and there

Profs study depression

By Amanda Hu

Half of patients who recover from depression are likely to fall into another depressive episode within the first year of recovery, and researchers from the University of Calgary Depression Research Laboratory are conducting a study on relapse of the illness. The study, divided into three parts, works by inducing a negative mind-state in people who… Continue reading Profs study depression

Quiet Desperation

By Jeff Kubik

I don’t think it’s ever going to be alright again.” Two years ago I found myself in a dark place that didn’t seem to have a way out. I went through those motions I could manage and abandoned virtually everything else, convinced I was completely alone. I remember missing the deadline for an application to… Continue reading Quiet Desperation