Meet Brother Harmonius Rain

By Rob Granger

I have a confession to make.Every couple of weeks or so, a few of my male friends and I gather around in a tight circle, elbows almost touching, at our friend’s house (we’ll call him "Mongo"). Our special gatherings provide us with enormous pleasure. We giggle childishly. We slap each other with jocularity and tenderness.… Continue reading Meet Brother Harmonius Rain

The decline and fall of intelligent thought

There’s just no stopping progress.Take a look around you. Signs of technological advancement are everywhere. Portable stereo systems, calculators, cellular phones, personal computers and other such gadgets abound. These were produced to make life more convenient by maximizing efficiency, reducing lost time, or simply for entertainment. Most of these creations are useful, financially accessible and… Continue reading The decline and fall of intelligent thought

The waste of watching for a miracle

By Rob Granger

Pull the plug.Don’t be so weak. Look at yourself, you’re pathetic. You sit there for hours on end with that faint glimmer of anticipation in your eyes, hoping that a miracle might happen, that something good will manifest itself.You’re wasting your time. Pull the plug and walk away. You’ve been here, day after day, eyes… Continue reading The waste of watching for a miracle