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Venture through the Savannah and meet lions, giraffes and rhinos

By Hadija Gabunga

Ever been attacked by an elephant? While everyone else was sipping egg-nog and snowboarding over the Christmas break, Gauntlet writer Hadija Gabunga took a trip home to South Africa. She found 30 C weather, constant humidity and a very angry elephant. Sometimes all it takes is a safari adventure to get back to your roots.Today,… Continue reading Venture through the Savannah and meet lions, giraffes and rhinos

A million channels and nothing on

By Вen Li

It isn’t difficult to make the label ‘mindless drivel’ stick to much television content, but mindless moments are vital to our survival and if we get 120 channels of it instead of three, we are better off. Decline-of-civilization alarmists blame television for dumbing down our culture, pointing to our herd-like fixation as evidence of our… Continue reading A million channels and nothing on

I wanna be like Jean

By Bonnie Leung

The Magna Scholarship Fund is offering its annual $10,000 As Prime Minister Awards to students across Canada to come up with new ideas to improve the country. According to Magna of Canada Scholarships Managing Director Joan Crocker, students can enter the competition until June 5. "Students write an essay whichis 2,500 words," she said. "After… Continue reading I wanna be like Jean

Wanna tickle a dragon tail?

By Laura Glick

Take a couple saxophones, violins, Korean holidays, guitars and a videoscreen, add graduate student composers and you get to tickle a dragon’s tail. Confused? The Graduate Associate Composers Society will clarify it for you. On Wed., Mar. 15, the society will present To Tickle the Dragon’s Tail, an interdisciplinary presentation of new music including everything… Continue reading Wanna tickle a dragon tail?

I wanna reach for the sky

By Todd Jackson

Ten years ago, the Skydiggers began to perform at a time when strange things were happening to the Canadian music scene. From the ashes of Glass Tiger and Honeymoon Suite came a few bands which developed into a full blown, though elusive, musical tradition–elusive, because they are not bands which have always garnered a lot… Continue reading I wanna reach for the sky

Hannah Murray censured

By Mary Chan

A Tribunal ruling has wrapped up protracted proceedings stemming back to last Spring’s Students’ Union General Election.The Students’ Union Tribunal has reversed a Review Board decision, ruling that student Hannah Murray contravened SU election bylaws. Murray distributed and posted materials during the 1999 SU General Election accusing presidential candidate David Quayat of sexual harassment. Quayat… Continue reading Hannah Murray censured

You should wannabe back

By Corky Thatcher

First Assignment: What I Did This SummerAhem! Mrs. Krabappel, fellow classmates:Well, May had arrived, and as usual things weren’t turning out the wayI’d planned. Since I wasn’t living a charmed life, fate eventually decidedI would have to work in the service industry this summer. Not giving upthat easily, I decided if it had to be… Continue reading You should wannabe back