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Meet Brother Harmonius Rain

By Rob Granger

I have a confession to make.Every couple of weeks or so, a few of my male friends and I gather around in a tight circle, elbows almost touching, at our friend’s house (we’ll call him "Mongo"). Our special gatherings provide us with enormous pleasure. We giggle childishly. We slap each other with jocularity and tenderness.… Continue reading Meet Brother Harmonius Rain

The waste of watching for a miracle

By Rob Granger

Pull the plug.Don’t be so weak. Look at yourself, you’re pathetic. You sit there for hours on end with that faint glimmer of anticipation in your eyes, hoping that a miracle might happen, that something good will manifest itself.You’re wasting your time. Pull the plug and walk away. You’ve been here, day after day, eyes… Continue reading The waste of watching for a miracle

FOX Specials you may have missed because God loves you

By Rob Granger

It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon, but you’re still hung over from Thursday night at the Embassy (or at least we hope you are). You’re afraid to go anywhere without your bucket, clad in nothing but a shower curtain, so you stay in with your best friend: television, the window to a thousand parallel universes, all… Continue reading FOX Specials you may have missed because God loves you


By Valen Zha

In an orgy of drinking, celebration and congratulatory cheer, the Gauntlet staff consumed a record $970 worth of booze and nachos on its annual election night."You guys drank us $30 short of a thousand dollars," said incoming Editor-in-Chief Kris Kotarski. "What were you guys thinking and why was I sober?"For reasons unexplained, both Kotarski and… Continue reading FUBAR

Pubic lice declared an endangered species

By Sarah Dorchak

Pubic lice, commonly known as crabs, were declared an endangered species last week. A 2003 study from the Australian Kirby Institute showed pubic lice as the most common sexually transmitted infection in Australia. Now, a mere 10 years later, the Kirby Institute has noted a dramatic decrease in the number of pubic lice infections.
 “This… Continue reading Pubic lice declared an endangered species

Are you a boozehag?

By Dave Granger

All right, budding alcoholics. It’s time for another interactive test, courtesy of Academic Probation. Simply track your answers to the following questions, tally ’em up and our standardized chart will determine your predisposition to hitting the bottle over and over again. So take those pens outta yer ears, dust ’em off and get circling! 1.… Continue reading Are you a boozehag?

Cop Talk

By Robert Granger

The Gauntlet’s legal department (thanks, Paul; we’ll drop off your fuzzy little you-know-what after your wife goes you-know-where for some hot and spicy ugly-bumping) has been kind enough to liaise with a veteran member of the Calgary Civic Police Force. We present to you Constable Harry Cox, who we’ll accompany during the early portion of… Continue reading Cop Talk