Letter: Not so fast, scallywag!

By Sergey Petrov

Editor, the Gauntlet, Chris Tait’s article (“Canada Needs to Recognize Kosovo,” Feb. 28 Gauntlet) presents a very limited view on the problem of the possible separation of that Serbian province. Firstly, the author tries to convince us that the United Nations takes care of Kosovo, helping the break-away province “to establish acceptable level of security,”… Continue reading Letter: Not so fast, scallywag!

Letter: No problems with Psych program

By Keith Dobson

Editor, the Gauntlet, We would like to thank the Gauntlet for bringing attention to the issues of class size and class availability at the University (“The struggle between class size and availability,” Christian Louden, Jan. 31 Gauntlet). Psychology courses are among the most popular on campus and the demand for our courses far exceeds our… Continue reading Letter: No problems with Psych program

Letter: Pulling out still is not effective

By Chris Brown

Editor, the Gauntlet, When I read the headline “Should we stay, or should we go now?” [Christian Louden, Jan. 24 Gauntlet], I expected to hear a reasoned debate over the recommendations of the Manley report on the mission in Afghanistan. While I am aware that the article is an opinion, I was surprised to read… Continue reading Letter: Pulling out still is not effective

Letter: Outraged reader throws down the Gauntlet

By Dylan Childs

Editor, the Gauntlet, Upon reading the editorial in last Thursday’s paper concerning the Robert Dziekanski tragedy [“Mounties need to cool heels,” editorial, Nov. 22 Gauntlet], I furiously threw down the Gauntlet to the floor. It was like I was in some kind of dramatic movie. Despite having the benefit of making me feel important, I… Continue reading Letter: Outraged reader throws down the Gauntlet

Letter: We’re kinda-sorta almost awesome!

By David Brownridge

Editor, the Gauntlet: First, your recent editorial on Stroumboulopoulos [“Recipients should be more relevant,” editorial, Oct. 25 Gauntlet] got it half-right. He shouldn’t get a University of Calgary honorary degree now, but his getting it later is not a given. In any case, George got it right with his remark: “bizarre.” Add oilman Gwyn Morgan… Continue reading Letter: We’re kinda-sorta almost awesome!

Letter: Tuition response defended

By Julie Bogle

Editor, the Gauntlet: [re: “SU should have stood firm,” editorial and “SU prepares for tuition consultation,” Katy Anderson, Oct. 18 Gauntlet] In the October 18th edition of the Gauntlet, the issue of tuition consultations and the Students’ Union’s involvement was brought to the forefront with the editorial and a news article. I would like to… Continue reading Letter: Tuition response defended

God loves babies

By Donald Spratt

Editor, the Gauntlet, It is a sad day for justice and freedom in Canada when the barbarous murder of innocent babies is declared a right, but honestly showing the gruesome act for what it really is, is “going too far.”Abortion rights advocates will some day be seen in the same light as selfish slave owners… Continue reading God loves babies

Reader incredibly supports both NDP, Dinos

By Shawn M. Blitz

Editors, the GauntletRe: Something I am a supporter of Alberta’s New Democrats. One of my favourite teams is the Dinos football team. Win or lose, the players are always role models. I understand they first crack the books; then they wear the Dinos jersey with pride. To honour the French fact in Canada I have… Continue reading Reader incredibly supports both NDP, Dinos