When the rich attack

Reality sure bites for actress Winona Ryder. Who actually thought she’d get slapped with vandalism and grand theft, a double felony? And the question on everyone’s mind is, why would someone as rich and famous as Winona steal anyway? Well, you can pick your choice from the multiple excuses Ms. Ryder offers: she was high… Continue reading When the rich attack

Dr. Phil not the cure

Move aside Brad Pitt, there’s a new man in town who has captured the hearts of millions of women. He’s charismatic, smart, honest, and he doesn’t beat around the bush. Although his round frame and bald head do not make him a typical candidate for the ladies to swoon over, he offers something that they… Continue reading Dr. Phil not the cure

The Human Genome

What if some one monopolized the information that could save your life, or the life of someone you care about? What if somebody would only give you this life altering information if you paid a ransom fee around $1,300? Our mighty friends south of the border are already doing this. Utah based Myriad Genetics Inc.… Continue reading The Human Genome

Christina Aguilera supports Thai sex trade?

Christina Aguilera’s latest video, Dirrty, certainly lives up to its name, but not just because she is prancing around scantily-clad in a boxing ring. This pop singer’s latest business stunt is beyond dirty; it’s despicable. She is trying to turn a profit by exploiting women and children who are victims in Thailand’s sex industry. In… Continue reading Christina Aguilera supports Thai sex trade?