War on drugs

By Susan Lake

Editor, the Gauntlet,Re: "War on drugs a misguided pursuit," Jan. 17, 2002,I am somewhat surprised at the support for the outright legalization of drugs the likes of LSD, magic mushrooms, and ecstasy. It is true that drugs such as marijuana have far less impact on the behaviour of users than psychedelic drugs (and in some… Continue reading War on drugs

Differential tuition

By Barb Wright

Editor, the Gauntlet,Re: "Paying for guinea pigs," Jan. 17, 2002,Does anyone really believe that tuition for Humanities or Social Sciences would go down if Medicine, Management and Engineering students were charged more for their courses? I assure you that the best case scenario for students in less costly programs would be smaller increases, but that… Continue reading Differential tuition

Britney and her ilk will be society’s downfall

By Kyle Young

Surveying today’s popular culture, one arrives at an astonishing and frightening conclusion: the majority of it sucks. We are dominated by a force more terrible than Orwell’s Big Brother, a force that eats away at the very substance of our society. It is a force commonly referred to as "pop music."Many regard art as the… Continue reading Britney and her ilk will be society’s downfall

Parading idiots and babbling fools

By Hadija Gabunga

Here’s something you don’t hear many girls say: If it wasn’t for procreation, I would be a lesbian. Now this doesn’t have anything to do with my so-called obsession with Britney Spears, I’ve just officially given up on the male population for reasons most of you would agree with.Guys are too simple. There doesn’t seem… Continue reading Parading idiots and babbling fools

Talkin’ trash

By Jana Hanova

One of the lesser known organizations on campus is the Campus Recycling Board (CRB). The major goal of this board is to promote awareness and education about the environmental challenges facing this university.You may have noticed collection bins placed conspicuously throughout the halls on campus. In case you were wondering, these receptacles accept pop cans… Continue reading Talkin’ trash

A fool at the helm means failure

By Chris Morrison

Another Alliance MP has left the caucus. Joe Peschisolido, member for Richmond, has left Stockwell Day’s sinking ship not to sit with Joe Clark’s Conservatives but tp make a deal with Satan himself.That’s right, he’s crossed the floor to the Liberals and Jean Chrétien. Peschisolido included his increasing disillusionment with the Alliance leadership situation and… Continue reading A fool at the helm means failure

Global double standard unfair to Americans

By Nima Tabatabai

Worldwide anti-American sentiment has grown to epidemic proportions. I’m not speaking of the Taliban’s hatred or that of other extremists, but of the variable resentment we all hold for everything Yanks do. Whenever America does something which affects those of us outside its borders, the whole world shakes its head and mutters, "they’re only doing… Continue reading Global double standard unfair to Americans

The ATA’s error

While the massive January snowfalls have become less frequent recently, threats of strikes by the Alberta Teachers Association at the beginning of the year are starting to happen with a frightening consistency. Continuing this trend, over 90 per cent of the union’s members recently voted in support of strike action and, by all indications, a… Continue reading The ATA’s error

PIRG on the prowl

By Editorial

Around this time of year, the Students’ Union gears up for its general elections. Now, before we lose you at the word “election,” consider that this year’s ballot box will be bursting at the seams with referenda questions. Unsurprisingly, not all of groups vying for your money deserve it. Not yet, at least.It seems the… Continue reading PIRG on the prowl