Kinesiology expansion on schedule

By Dale Miller

After a mild and productive winter, the 2,500 square metre Kinesiology Complex expansion project is still going full speed ahead. “The development is coming along famously, we’re actually ahead of schedule,” said John Paulsen, Director of Operations at the Faculty of Kinesiology. “We’ve been incredibly fortunate, because we took a risk building during the winter,… Continue reading Kinesiology expansion on schedule

U of C’s important role in business

By Вen Li

The University of Calgary has an important role to play in Calgary’s economic future. Calgary Economic Development released its 2003 annual report on Fri., May 21. Among its goals are to retain and expand Calgary businesses and to attract new businesses and investment, both of which require excellence in high-technology fields. “I think the city… Continue reading U of C’s important role in business

Dinos coaches relocated

By Emily Senger

The University of Calgary Dinos’ coaches are in the process of moving their offices on the second floor of Kinesiology B to older offices in Kinesiology A, which was the former home of Career Services. The purpose of the move is to centralize kinesiology employees to create a sense of community among department members. The… Continue reading Dinos coaches relocated

Brave film out of the closet

By Jeff Kubik

While North America grapples with the prospect of institutionalized gay marriage and activists and disparate conservative groups continue battle among themselves, the rest of the world continues to deal with homosexuality and transgender issues. Though we in the West often lose sight of the larger populace, the governments of the developing world clash every day… Continue reading Brave film out of the closet

Panurge isn’t British but play like it

By Peter Hemminger

Vancouver’s Panurge aren’t your typical rock band. Their mix of folk-inspired acoustic guitar and strong electronic influences has drawn comparisons to the Beta Band, Beck, and even XTC. Their sound is so far removed from your typical Canadian band, they’re often mistaken for an import.“Song writing-wise, the band was weaned on a lot of different… Continue reading Panurge isn’t British but play like it

Better than a rimjob

By Jeff Kubik

You’re a pervert. You think you’ve been able to conceal it, hidden beneath that good job and those carefully chosen words, but it’s on display as bare as a rental case. Every filthy thought you’ve ever had is written plainly on your forehead, synopsised obscenity. You’re a good person. You’ve made mistakes, but we all… Continue reading Better than a rimjob

Dave Lang

By Peter Hemminger

Didn’t irony die a few years back? I’m pretty sure there was something in the papers, some hastily written obituary warning us the knowing smirk had gone the way of Paris Hilton’s virginity. If that’s true, then Live and in Quonset is a frighteningly cliched disc full of well-tread boogey blues and mournful country songs… Continue reading Dave Lang

Various Artists

By Ben Hoffman

I first came across One Take around late February or early March. After a few listens I wrote an uninspired, if not terrible, review of the disc and due to its complete lack of quality, it never saw the light of day. I was not surprised. The album was quickly whisked into my pile of… Continue reading Various Artists