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SU Report Card: President Bryan West

By Chris Beauchamp

Students’ Union president-elect Emily Wyatt will have some big shoes to fill as Bryan West steps down after two years running the SU. West has brought a high degree of professionalism and competence to the SU and it has gained him the respect of SU staff, his fellow student reps, external post-secondary stakeholders and university… Continue reading SU Report Card: President Bryan West

SU Midterm Review: Bryan West

By Gauntlet

Bryan West came into this term as Students’ Union President with the best possible job experience: SU President. The experience shows. And although West has always been well spoken and diplomatic, difficulties within the SU and the current state of post-secondary have ensured his skills for diplomacy are both needed and productive. West is very… Continue reading SU Midterm Review: Bryan West

President: Bryan West

Bryan West has done a good job as SU president during his current term. Succesful projects include the negotiation of at least $1.5 million from the university Board of Governors for use on SU chosen quality initiatives and the successful implementation of Political Action Week during the run up to the provincial election. PAW, which… Continue reading President: Bryan West

President – Bryan West

While he may not like to hear it, Bryan West is the candidate of the old guard. Running primarily on a platform of minor readjustments and fine tuning, West is starkly contrasted by a number of other candidates running on radical platforms seeking to overhaul the Students’ Union. That said, West’s understanding of both the… Continue reading President – Bryan West

West victorious as president

By James Keller

A MacEwan Student Centre meeting room erupted in cheers Fri., Feb. 13 as Bryan West was named Students’ Union President for the coming year. Chief Returning Officer Shuvaloy Majumdar left the results of the presidential race until last, slowly reading off the names and totals of the bottom four candidates as they scrolled down a… Continue reading West victorious as president

Letter: SU’s sad news

By Bryan West

Editor, the Gauntlet, I’m really sad to hear about the cuts to core student services and staff [“Recession leads to campus job losses,” Nicole Dionne, Jan. 29]. These were all very good people and, in my opinion, all very good at their jobs. In addition to the cutting of the Students’ Rights Advisor, these new… Continue reading Letter: SU’s sad news

SU Electioneering, Part II

By Bryan West

Two-time SU president and current board of governors student rep Bryan West concludes his look at the crucial factors SU candidates must keep in mind. 4. The residence voter A common complaint among Students’ Union politicos states a candidate must be from residence to become president. There is a seed of truth to this. For… Continue reading SU Electioneering, Part II

Getting Elected

By Bryan West

Using his extensive experience in the Students’ Union, two-time president and current senate member Bryan West lays bare the political wheels turning behind the scenes as candidates gear up for the upcoming general election. In this first installment, West details the various factors candidates must keep in mind in order to plot a successful campaign… Continue reading Getting Elected

The SU responds

By Bryan West

Editor, the Gauntlet,[Re: “The grand funding shell game,” March 23, 2006] I’d like to take some space to elucidate some of my reasoning for support of the $100,000 proposal passed by the Students’ Legislative Council on Tuesday March 21.To begin, it’s true that “student spaces” hasn’t fared as well as the other items on the… Continue reading The SU responds

U of C stabs SU in back

By Chris Beauchamp

Student leaders across the province are pissed off over what they claim is a slight by the province’s four big universities. According to University of Calgary Students’ Union president Bryan West, the universities’ sent a letter to Alberta Advanced Education Minister Dave Hancock outlining recommendations for a proposed affordability framework for post-secondary education. West and… Continue reading U of C stabs SU in back