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Editor, the Gauntlet: smoking madder-er

By C. Burns

Editor, the Gauntlet, Re: “Smoking madder,” Aug. 5, 2004 Assuming that every part of Darcy Padula’s letter is true, the essential points of the editorial to which she or he responds remain. Regardless of whatever statistic the anti-smoking side deploys this week (interesting that the percentage of smokers declines when smokers should join the majority,… Continue reading Editor, the Gauntlet: smoking madder-er

The many faces of Feminism

By compiled by Susan Anderson

Welcome to the Gauntlet’s two-part feature on gender issues. Below are articles written by a variety of people responding to the question, “What are your views on feminism?” 
 Elizabeth Scott, first-year English: Feminist thinking and behaviour has become so prevalent in the past few decades that it is impossible to ignore. There are increasingly… Continue reading The many faces of Feminism

Pioneering the page

By Sarah Dorchak

Archie. Dick Tracy. Felix the Cat. Maus. Watchmen. There’s no doubt that these titles are recognizable– they’ve become part of our social literary memory. Even if you’ve never read any of the comics themselves, you still know Archie is constantly torn between two women, one blonde and one black-haired. While it seems inevitable that the… Continue reading Pioneering the page

The Tale of Leon The Frog

By Katy Anderson

The following tale is about a soul-searching amphibian who hopped his way into the University of Calgary’s narrative. Written and rewritten by anonymous authors, the story first found itself on the stairwell leading up to social sciences during the ’70s and onto the pages of the Gauntlet in ’78. For the latest version we ascended… Continue reading The Tale of Leon The Frog

Legalize by 2010.

By Ændrew Rininsland

Here’s a crazy idea that may sound a bit absurd, but follow me through on this: Cannabis will be legalized in the United States of America by 2010. “Totally absurd,” you say, as you shuffle the pages and mutter something about illogical and idealistic hippies with no grounding in reality. Even those who would support… Continue reading Legalize by 2010.

A movie to A-D’oh-re

By Ryan Pike

On December 17, 1989, an animated short from the Tracey Ullman Show debuted as a half-hour animated sitcom following three seasons as a recurring feature on the program. Featuring the adventures of dim-witted nuclear technician Homer Simpson, his wife Marge and their children Bart, Lisa and Maggie, the Simpsons became a huge hit. Nearly two… Continue reading A movie to A-D’oh-re

Bringing Reggae into the public consciousness

By Ansel Brar

Whether you’re rockin’ to the latest hip-hop blast, an old Beatles tune or the music of Bob Marley himself, the indelible rhythms, guitar strums and baselines of reggae have influenced virtually all genres of music. It is the underpinning of the many sounds coming from your stereo, but still remains below the public consciousness. The… Continue reading Bringing Reggae into the public consciousness