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Where the hell is that?

By Patricia Fuentes

How much attention do you really pay to campus? Think you’ve been in this place long enough to know every little nook, cranny and feature? Correctly identify the object and location in these photos, submit your results and win a fabulous prize worthy of your venerable knowledge. Please type or write your answers clearly and… Continue reading Where the hell is that?

I want to sink my balls deep into your pockets

By Kris Kotarski

The scene was set for the greatest sports spectacle the Campus Cove has ever seen. Canadian 9-ball champion Paul Portier was visiting the University of Calgary campus and taking on all challengers, providing they paid the mandatory five-dollar fee. The greatest threat to Portier’s cue-ball superiority proved to be the Gauntlet’s very own Patricia Fuentes,… Continue reading I want to sink my balls deep into your pockets

Check facts and choose words carefully, says reader

By Henry Srebrnik

Editors, the Gauntlet,Re: “Death defined along ethinc lines,” June 22, 2000I guess you never know when you’re going to bump into some anti-Jewish commentary, even if it is unintentional. The column “Death defined along ethnic lines,” by Patricia Fuentes in the June 22 issue of the Gauntlet, takes to task the “community of Holocaust survivors… Continue reading Check facts and choose words carefully, says reader

Eye of the film Tiger

By Patricia Fuentes

Tiger Hu wants to tell you about young Chinese prostitutes. It’s not a tragic story about their lives, and it’s not about the masses of illegal immigrants imported on boats en masse to uncertain futures abroad. It’s about acceptance of people marginalized in society, Chinese or Canadian. Hu’s film, Leave Me Alone, follows the lives… Continue reading Eye of the film Tiger

Racist pamphlets found

By Patricia Fuentes

Pamphlets discussing the "qualitative difference in the intelligence of Blacks and Whites" have been found on campus, on the eve of the International Day for the Elimination of Racism. Posted onto boards with clean, white, plastic-headed tacks, the pamphlets, titled "The Roots of Civilization," publish a 1978 article out of National Vanguard, a publication of… Continue reading Racist pamphlets found

Reaction to town hall mixed

By Patricia Fuentes

In the high noon drama of student body scrutiny, all participants at last Friday’s Town Hall Meeting were left standing. Billed as a means for student-administration interaction on issues such as tuition, many students were skeptical about the genuine intention of the meeting. "This is a truly unique event," hailed University of Calgary Vice-president Student… Continue reading Reaction to town hall mixed

Websites detect plagiarism

By Patricia Fuentes

Plagiarism, considered one of the worst evils of academia, has both proliferated and found its demise in technology. Students and professors can access resources to catch and commit plagiarized papers online. Sites such as www.plagiarism.org claim they can identify a plagiarized paper using a logarithmic detection method which compares the text of a paper to… Continue reading Websites detect plagiarism