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Spun: Esmaye

By Ryan Pike

Too often, female singer/songwriters fall into the trap of having a tremendous voice and no clue how to construct an album. As a result, they’re praised for having tremendous pipes and then immediately forgotten. Newcomer Esmaye attempts to combat this common folly by constructing Elements in Me with four parts, each tailored to an element.… Continue reading Spun: Esmaye

SU Report Card: President Bryan West

By Chris Beauchamp

Students’ Union president-elect Emily Wyatt will have some big shoes to fill as Bryan West steps down after two years running the SU. West has brought a high degree of professionalism and competence to the SU and it has gained him the respect of SU staff, his fellow student reps, external post-secondary stakeholders and university… Continue reading SU Report Card: President Bryan West

Comedy Interview: Ryan Belleville vs. squirrels

By Kyle Francis

Not everything has to end with me taking a shit on a squirrel,” says Ryan Belleville, a young Canadian comedian, actor and writer imparting his philosophy of comedy and disappointing readers everywhere. “I believe in strong imagery, but I don’t believe everything has to be scatological.” Belleville lost his comedic virginity on the Loose Moose… Continue reading Comedy Interview: Ryan Belleville vs. squirrels

SU Midterm Review: Bryan West

By Gauntlet

Bryan West came into this term as Students’ Union President with the best possible job experience: SU President. The experience shows. And although West has always been well spoken and diplomatic, difficulties within the SU and the current state of post-secondary have ensured his skills for diplomacy are both needed and productive. West is very… Continue reading SU Midterm Review: Bryan West

President – Bryan West

While he may not like to hear it, Bryan West is the candidate of the old guard. Running primarily on a platform of minor readjustments and fine tuning, West is starkly contrasted by a number of other candidates running on radical platforms seeking to overhaul the Students’ Union. That said, West’s understanding of both the… Continue reading President – Bryan West

Feeding your brain

By Ryan May

Too busy with class and studying to sit down and watch the news or keep up with your favouritehobby? Maybe it’s time to investigate the burgeoning new medium of podcasting. Podcasts are the public and pirate radio of the Internet. Anyone with a microphone, computer and Internet connection can produce their own podcast. Fortunately, the… Continue reading Feeding your brain