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VP Academic

By Jamie Hellewell

There are three candidates in the race to represent you as Vice-president Academic of the Students’ Union: Drew Brown, Heather Clitheroe, and Kerry Parker.The official job description of the VP Academic includes advocating student rights on academic issues, coordinating and chairing the Student’s Academic Assembly, and developing policies and services to aid students. However, each… Continue reading VP Academic

Events forum

By Ricardo Urbina

If we learned one thing from the Students’ Union Vice-president Events candidates forum, it’s that both Jared Lorenz and Peter Wootliff are confident in expressing their feelings about self-exploration. Amidst cries of, "I don’t want anybody else. When I think about you I touch myself," students were able to discern some relevant information. Candidate Francis… Continue reading Events forum

Clubs resolutions pass

By Brian Arkinstall

The Clubs Committee may be in for a major makeover May 1, following this past week’s Students’ Legislative Council Meeting.Tuesday’s meeting saw three resolutions involving the Clubs Committee pass. While the resolutions are not binding bylaw changes, they could lead to potential bylaw changes that could be brought back before council at a later date.… Continue reading Clubs resolutions pass

Club coffers short

By Kim Stock

Since the beginning of September, confusion has surrounded the activities of the Education Students’ Association. Issues surrounding financial and constitutional matters continue to surface as questions and concerns remain unanswered.It was discovered recently that $340 of ESA Christmas Party Funds are unaccounted for. Following this discovery, ESA Vice-president Finance Cathy Zander was suspended from her… Continue reading Club coffers short

Let the games begin

By Jan Creaser

In its wake, Engineering Week leaves us able to eat our chow mein without the threat of a tennis ball bombardment and the disturbing knowledge that Darr Maqbool went for $350 at the bachelor auction. However, don’t fret over the lack of weekly entertainment; the administration god has outlined its plan for us all in… Continue reading Let the games begin

Spies, lies and airbourne espionage

By Ben Perrin

If you thought that secret agents, government cover ups, and top-secret files were all relics of James Bond’s Cold War missions, think again. This time, however, it’s New Democratic Party Member of Parliament Dick Proctor who has taken the title of "super-sleuth" against the latest Liberal cover-up. The main issue under discussion involves the Liberal… Continue reading Spies, lies and airbourne espionage


By Jamie Hellewell

Like neighbouring head-of-state Bill Clinton, Prime Minister Jean Chretien may soon be issued a subpoena to testify before the law. The difference is Canadian critics accuse him not of sexual indiscretion, but of violating Canadians’ most basic rights to freedom of speech, expression and association. A violation, if proven true, that could cost him his… Continue reading Peppergate