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Commissioner Preston in trouble?

By Вen Li

Political strife and disagreement claimed the careers of many politicians: Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte and Paul Martin to name a few. Students’ Union Academic Commissioner Gavin Preston may become the latest victim if proceedings to be brought by SU Vice-President Academic Rosie Nagra against him succeed.“For some reason or another, Rosie decided to get rid… Continue reading Commissioner Preston in trouble?

VP Academic

By Jamie Hellewell

Like the many other qualified and enthusiastic candidates, it is unfortunate when the competition hits a home run. Such is the case for Rosie Nagra. While she is mostly qualified and would make a good VPA, the reality is that Darby Semeniuk is just too good to pass up.ExperienceWhile Nagra has never been an elected… Continue reading VP Academic

Up in smoke

By James Keller

Mixed messages came out of the Students’ Union offices this past week, in what the Vice-President Op-Fi termed a “media fiasco.”On Fri., Oct. 3, the Calgary Herald ran a front-page story about a sponsorship deal between the SU and Rothmans Inc., which owns the cigarette brand Benson & Hedges and sponsors the Gold Club Series… Continue reading Up in smoke

The good and the bad of 2002 – 2003

Highlights –Mobilizing one of the most apathetic campuses in the country to band together and fight tuition–Overflow–Tent City and Tuition Fear Factor huge successes–Academic Carnival was well attended–Continued and increased success of Cinemania–Acclaimed president turned out good after all–SU presentation at the Board of Governors tuition meeting–Substantial media coverage in local mainstream media–Online voting went… Continue reading The good and the bad of 2002 – 2003

SLC member’s conduct questioned

By Вen Li

Questions regarding Students’ Union Events Commissioner Anant Patel’s behavior surfaced again this week as SLC members privately complained about his professional behavior. Patel was observed resting through a presentation by Safewalk coordinators during the Jan. 21 Students’ Legislative Council meeting.In December, SU Commissioner Shawna Little voiced concerns about Patel’s behavior in council by bringing attention… Continue reading SLC member’s conduct questioned

Age attrition in U of C faculty

By Natalie Sit

Professors retiring at the U of C could cause some changes within the institution. Currently, the University of Calgary has 334 faculty aged 45-50 and 292 faculty aged 55-60. And according to Dr. John Baker, President of the University of Calgary Faculty Association, most faculty like to retire between the ages of 60-65. Data from… Continue reading Age attrition in U of C faculty

Big scholarships, big impact?

By Eric Fung

Incoming IB students may soon have a financial edge over their collegues.On Thu., Nov. 20, the University of Calgary’s General Faculties Council gave final approval for the establishment of 20 scholarships of $3,500 each for students entering the U of C with an International Baccalaureate diploma. The IB program, offered at four Calgary high schools… Continue reading Big scholarships, big impact?

Editor, the Gauntlet

By Jordan Bonner

In an effort to set the record straight regarding Вen Li’s article, I would like to point out a number of factual errors in the article. First, the cover of the Gauntlet states: "Impeachment attempt failed: Preston told truth on report but must apologize for comments made to slc." This is, in fact, completely incorrect.… Continue reading Editor, the Gauntlet

Commissioner Gavin Preston gets off

By Вen Li

At 1:19 a.m. on Wednesday, the Students’ Legislative Council found that Academic Commissioner Gavin Preston violated the su Governance bylaws by lying to SLC. The decision to suspend Preston from his slc and Students’ Academic Assembly duties until he apologizes in writing to slc came after over two hours of deliberations by the slc Committee… Continue reading Commissioner Gavin Preston gets off